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Exmoor Parish Council

Parish Precept

The Parish Council has prepared a short FAQ to assist with any queries you may have over the increase in the parish precept for the new financial year 2024/25.  As we are sure you are aware Somerset Council has a large funding deficit and is looking to devolve services down to town and parish councils.  The decision to raise the precept was not taken lightly and the Parish Council will continue to review and monitor its expenditure.  Any excess will be held in reserves and used to purchase equipment or services for the parish.  For example the Parish Council recently purchased a defibrillator and cabinet – see more details here

If you have any questions not answered by the FAQs please email or speak to one of the Councillors.

Exmoor Parish Council

4 April 2024

Precept FAQs

Why has the Parish Council precept increased this year ?

Somerset Council is experiencing a £100M funding gap for 2024/25 and is expected to cut many services.  The Parish Council had been advised it was likely that Highways maintenance would be reduced or devolved down to town and parish councils.  For our parish this would include verge and hedge trimming, drain and gully clearing and the provision of salt bags.  Somerset Council had not taken a decision on its budget cuts when the Parish Council had to submit its precept request.  The Parish Council estimated how much these services may cost and submitted a precept to ensure these additional services could continue to be provided and paid for if necessary.


What is the Parish Council precept spent on ?

The precept that the Parish Council receives pays for the following expenses:

  • Insurance
  • Defib Purchase & Maintenance (yearly check/new batteries & pads)
  • Noticeboard Purchase & Maintenance
  • Subscriptions (Somerset Association of Local Council/West Somerset Flood Group)
  • Parish Council Website & Maintenance (legal & regulatory requirement)
  • Parish Council Admin Costs (clerks salary, laptop & anti-virus software, stationery, meeting venue hire etc)


Does the Parish Council receive any other income ?

No the Parish Council has no other source of income.  All Parish Council expenses have to be paid for from the precept.


Can the Parish Council accounts be inspected ?

All Parish Councils must make their accounts available for public inspection.  The statutory period is usually for at least 30 working days between June and July unless an exemption has been agreed.  A notice is displayed on the village noticeboard and Parish Council website when the period of inspection is due to commence.


Is the Parish Council precept in line with other local Parish Councils ?

The Band D charge for Exmoor for 2024/25 is £2,168.51, of which £61.45 is the Parish Council precept (just over £5/month).  Nearby parishes are as follows:

Parish Band D Charge PC Precept
Cutcombe 2168.17 61.11


Exmoor 2168.51 61.45
Exton 2170.59 63.13
Luccombe 2158.17 51.11
Luxborough 2155.72 48.66
Timberscombe 2171.14 64.08
Winsford 2166.72 59.66
Withypool & Hawkridge 2166.02 58.96


Will the Parish Council precept rise again next year ?

The Parish Council does not anticipate another rise in the precept.  However Somerset Council has made it clear that their funding gap will continue into future years.  It is likely that further services may be devolved down to the parish and town councils. At the current time the Parish Council does not know what may happen, however the precept will be used as economically and efficiently as possible.  Any excess funds will be kept in reserve or used to purchase equipment or services that will be of benefit to parishioners.