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Exmoor Parish Council

Councillor Award

The Exmoor Parish Council would like to announce that Brian Duke has won the Chairman’s Award for Service to the Community for 2018. This is for his years of service to the Exmoor Parish Council and for his role as chairman. Brian was there at the very beginning of the Exmoor Parish Council in May 1972 when it was formed. He was elected chairman at the first meeting and remained in that role until the 1980’s when he stepped down for personal reasons. In the 1990’s Brian was approached again to return to the parish council where is found himself being elected chairman once more. He has continued holding the role of chairman to the present day. His knowledge of the parish of Exmoor and its people is unsurmountable and his care for the parish also flows over in to his work with the church too. Brian is always kind, courteous and puts other people’s needs before his own. He prepares meticulously, pursues what he believes in with vigour and as such has quietly gone about his duties for the Parish of Exmoor. As one of the parish councillors stated “All parish councils need a Brian and Exmoor Parish council are very lucky to have him!”


Chairman Brian Duke receiving his award for Service to the community in 2018.