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Exmoor Parish Council


A defibrillator and cabinet has been purchased by the Parish Council and is registered with The Circuit.

Where is the defib ?

The defib is on the wall of the cottage at the Exmoor Forest Inn.  It is in a GREEN cabinet and can be clearly seen from the road.

How can I access the defib ?

The defib is registered with The Circuit – a national database of defibrillators which can be accessed by the emergency services.  When you dial 999 the operator will be able to tell you where the nearest defib is located and the code for the cabinet if it is locked.

Why is the cabinet locked ?

The defib is quite an expensive piece of equipment and sadly they can be targeted by thieves or be vandalised.  The defib is not insured unless it is kept in a locked cabinet.  The code is available in the Exmoor Forest Inn and the 999 operator also has access to this information.

Who paid for the defib ?

The Parish Council increased the precept in 2022/23 in anticipation of election costs.  Fortunately an election was not needed so these funds were held in reserve.  The Parish Council used these reserves and obtained a grant to fund the purchase of the defib and cabinet.  The Exmoor Forest Inn kindly paid for the installation.  The ongoing maintenance of the defib will be paid by the Parish Council out of the yearly precept.